Dairy products obtained from grass-fed cows are increasingly sought after in the world market. They are healthier and provide us with more benefits than regular milk and its derivatives.

What is the difference between them?

Grass-fed cows are not exposed to mixtures made with transgenic ingredients or feedstuffs that are not natural to the animals’ organisms. This causes a substantial hormonal and lipidic change, which ends up in by-products.

Free and grass-fed cows are healthier, less stressed, and their products become better for our consumption. For this reason, the entire platform has shade (natural and artificial), water in all the plots, and is close to the milking parlor. In other words, our cows need to walk only a short distance for daily milking.

A good piece of information is that grass-fed dairy products have 62% more omega-3 (anti-inflammatory) than traditional versions and 25% less omega-6 (inflammatory).

At CAMPO LONGLEY, our cows graze different vegetation grown by us. From the choice of seed to the grazing rotation, everything is done by us. This enables us to guarantee extreme quality in the animals’ diet.

Our team manages the supplementation of the cows’ grazing needs, and the forage is 100% of our production. This allows us to plan a balanced diet and guarantee grass consumption 365 days a year.