At CAMPO LONGLEY we believe that by dedicating time to what we do, we can ensure that our values are applied and the results are better. Animal rebreeding is a very sensitive issue in the industry because it impacts the business strategy.

More animals in a plant require more area, more personnel, and more structure. But how can we achieve excellence in the final result if we do not know what happens between the beginning and the end? How can we correct problems that we did not know existed until an animal is not in its productive moment? How can we guarantee that the development of an animal was optimal? As these questions arose, we took a strategic decision in our dairy by taking care of all the stages of our animals’ lives. We started taking care of them from their rearing to their development.

We guarantee that they drink colostrum, have the necessary amount of milk until the time of weaning, graze with quality, have water, record their development, and guarantee that they arrive in excellent condition time of their first lactation.

We believe that by observing each stage of our animals’ lives, we can get to know them and guarantee a final high-quality product.