At CAMPO LONGLEY, we have a team of professionals and technicians with experience in different areas who work in total synergy to overcome challenges.

Passionate about what they do, they stand out for their professionalism, technical knowledge, and ability to implement all the company’s strategies and overcome challenges. They guarantee the best results and high-quality levels of our milk.

From left to right:

  • David Dickinson – Vice Presidente Topilen S.A.
  • Lucas Gonzalez – Tractorista
  • Joseline Segovia – Guachera
  • José Feliciano – Tambero
  • Lucía Vivas – Tambera
  • Sabina Gleicher – Gerente General
  • Ángel Lezcano – Gerente de Producción
  • Dianela Rabino – Asistente Administrativa
  • Santiago Segovia – Vaquero
  • Mauro Torterolo – Medico Veterinario

The team receives constant training. They work under current occupational safety and support standards in order to improve in their respective work areas.

We create a healthy, diverse, and harmonious work environment where everyone contributes their knowledge and experience. Because no one can do everything alone, and we are all aware that each contribution makes a difference in building results.