Conscious use of agrochemicals

The search for the conscious use of agrochemicals is something very present in our routine in Campo Longley. As a result of that concern, since 2019 we have 29% of our productive hectares under organic practices.
And how do we manage the other areas? How do we ground conscious use?
With an integrated pest management plan that aims to minimize the use of herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers.
And what does that plan consist of?
• Soil analysis
• Diversification of species
• Diversification of planting dates
• Animal (grazing), mechanical (rotary) and natural (rain) control
• Crop rotation
• Weekly tours
• Evaluation of the scale of damage
• Always prioritize the use of green band phytosanitary products

All these measures help us achieve sustainable development in our dairy and have a direct impact on the environment, on society and on the profitability of our business.
The 📷 was taken yesterday in the sorghum paddock. We consider that on the damage scale it is at level 0-1: No presence of damage or few leaves with lesions. The decision was to wait.