CAMPO LONGLEY is located on the outside of the Progreso city, department of Canelones, near Montevideo, the country's capital.

Producing an estimated 5,000 liters of milk per day, the establishment has a herd of approximately 500 animals, of which around 250 are being milked.

With a passion for farming that goes back 3 generations, we are convinced that tradition, innovation, quality and sustainability can coexist in dairy.

CAMPO LONGLEY was founded in 2009 with the PURPOSE of producing high-quality milk that provides high-quality dairy foods in a sustainable manner, prioritizing animal welfare and promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Produce milk sustainably, respecting and promoting the well-being of our staff, animals and through environmentally responsible agricultural practices. We seek to contribute to the supply of quality food, fostering the connection between consumers and sustainable dairy production.

To be a leading dairy in sustainable production, recognized for the quality of our milk and the commitment to animal welfare. We aspire to inspire others to adopt responsible agricultural practices and to be a benchmark in the industry by successfully integrating sustainability and ethics into our operation.

Commitment to the well-being of our people: We foster a positive, sustainable and safe work environment for our employees. Always seeking Fair Working Conditions, constant training and development of everyone. May we be part of a powerful and reliable team.

Commitment to animal welfare: We guarantee healthy and respectful living conditions for our animals, complying with ethical standards and related regulations.

Environmental sustainability: We implement agricultural practices that minimize environmental impact, promoting the conservation of resources and biodiversity.

Product quality: We constantly seek excellence in production, ensuring milk with high nutritional levels and high quality.

Transparency and connection with the community: We encourage open and honest communication with our environment, sharing information about our practices and contributing to the well-being of the local community.