As a company that is part of an international private group, we enjoy innumerable competitive advantages at CAMPO LONGLEY. We have corrected deviations by running an efficient reporting line while sharing our results with other Longley Heritage production units in England and Australia.

In Uruguay, we have a group of state-of-the-art technicians who build a multidisciplinary team needed for a highly efficient production system. By using dynamic production management techniques, we have overcome the countless challenges that permeate dairy production.

With well-defined quality parameters from our parent company in England, we work to exceed the demanding standards of the domestic market. This explains our historical delivery quality. We are always based on five pillars: quality, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and environmental impact.

To all this, we can add the English family production tradition that closely identifies with the industry in Uruguay. A passion that has crossed so many generations in this country is echoed in Longley Heritage’s, which shared the same objective with three generations: to deliver high-quality dairy products to the final consumer market.