It is the youngest subsidiary of the private British company Longley Heritage Dedicated to the production of high-quality milk from Jersey cows, through natural outdoor grazing throughout the year.

Combining technology, local and international knowledge, CAMPO LONGLEY guarantees the highest level of animal welfare and care of the land, creating a sustainable and ecological dairy establishment, focused on the quality of its products and the future.

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A passion that has crossed so many generations in this country is echoed in Longley Heritage.

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In 2020, Longley Farm Group decided to invest in the first certification at Campo Longley´s dairy farm.

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Organic Practices

In 2021, we reached 25% of organic paddocks in the grazing platform, and we also added an area with the same management in our lands dedicated to the preparation of our reserves.

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42% of Campo Longley heifers are certified as A2.

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Our team

At CAMPO LONGLEY, we have a team of professionals and technicians with experience in different areas who work in total synergy to overcome challenges.

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Grass Fed

Dairy products obtained from grass-fed cows are increasingly sought after in the world market. They are healthier and provide us with more benefits than regular milk and its derivatives.

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Jersey milk is delicious as a beverage and its quialities allow for excellent results in the production of dairy products such as cheese, butter and cream.


+ propteins


+ fat


+ calcium

%  on the value of other races

Jersey inherited from their sire and dam the ability to produce a protein called beta-casein A2, that is easier to digest. A2 milk comes from our cows with A2A2 genes.

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Since 2019 we have been implementing a practice of organic crops, free of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, in 2021 we have 29% occupied and we continue to grow year by year! These practices are endorsed by different business partners.

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