In 2020, Longley Heritage decided to invest in the first certification at Campo Longley´s dairy farm. At this instance, the Group had two demands: the certificate had to be directly related to the status and condition of their animals, and it had to be a Uruguayan certifier.

Based on these two requirements, we met with Organización de Bienestar Animal, an organization formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals with a long history in production animal welfare issues that offers certification based on the UNIT-ISO/IEC 34700:2016 Standard and the European Welfare Quality® Protocol to survey Animal Welfare indicators.

In this process, there was an assessment of the situation and an audit plan for the different company sectors, always taking into account the Animal Welfare indicators based on both the animals and the facilities surrounding the animal.

In May 2021, we received the result, and since then, we are the first dairy farm certified in Animal Welfare in Uruguay.