Sponsorship of the event "Uruguay after the Glasgow Pact" organized by GBUA (British University Alumni Association) which was held in collaboration with the British Embassy and Bloomsbury Policy Group on March 22 and 23, 2022

The main objective of the event was to generate an instance for discussion and reflection on the immediate actions to be taken in strategic sectors within the framework of the Glasgow Pact, considering the challenges and opportunities imposed by the climate crisis. It had a first day of conferences and panels in three thematic areas (Mitigation, Adaptation, and Finance and collaboration) developed in person at the British Residence facilities, with the participation of some international speakers through videoconference, and an online workshop for key players on the second day.
Due to the alignment found between Campo Longley and the topics to be discussed, it was a special pleasure to support this initiative and be able to expand the scope of this event and thus achieve a greater impact.

In addition to the support of Campo Longley, this project was financed by the Chevening Alumni Program Fund and has been declared of interest by the Uruguayan Ministry of the Environment.