Participation in the Sustainable Farm event

Participation in the Sustainable Farm event

In 2021, at Topilen S.A. – Campo Longley, we made a significant investment in the road for our cows. With the aim of continuing to improve the focus on well-being of our Jerseys. With the technical assistance of CONAPROLE through the “Sustainable Dairy Farm” Program, a survey was carried out, the existing infrastructure was analyzed, and a wide range of customized solutions were designed. As a result of this excellent experience, we participated in another infrastructure project that “Sustainable Farm” also offers: Energy Efficiency, which generated a report that we are pleased to share that there were NO recommendations for electrical changes in our facilities. In 2022 we started with the third project, which we are in the last adjustments to improve the management of effluents from our establishment.

And with great joy last Monday we were invited to participate in the closing event of the Sustainable Dairy Project. Many thanks to all the excellent professionals involved in the Project!

Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Participation in the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee (70 years of reign) of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

CampoLongley had the honor of representing Longley Heritage at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebration.

At a gala reception at the Official Residence, UK Ambassador Faye O’Connor and her husband José Angel Reza welcomed their guests.

In her speech, the ambassador recalled the link between Uruguay and the United Kingdom and stressed that “it is not just about historical facts, but about the future that unites the two countries.”

Sponsorship of the event "Uruguay after the Glasgow Pact"

Sponsorship of the event "Uruguay after the Glasgow Pact" organized by GBUA (British University Alumni Association) which was held in collaboration with the British Embassy and Bloomsbury Policy Group on March 22 and 23, 2022

The main objective of the event was to generate an instance for discussion and reflection on the immediate actions to be taken in strategic sectors within the framework of the Glasgow Pact, considering the challenges and opportunities imposed by the climate crisis. It had a first day of conferences and panels in three thematic areas (Mitigation, Adaptation, and Finance and collaboration) developed in person at the British Residence facilities, with the participation of some international speakers through videoconference, and an online workshop for key players on the second day.
Due to the alignment found between Campo Longley and the topics to be discussed, it was a special pleasure to support this initiative and be able to expand the scope of this event and thus achieve a greater impact.

In addition to the support of Campo Longley, this project was financed by the Chevening Alumni Program Fund and has been declared of interest by the Uruguayan Ministry of the Environment.

Participation in the event organized by Helpers

Participation in the event organized by Helpers

Campo Longley was invited to participate in a lunch on 3/22/22 with the presence of Cristina Morán as speaker of a very enriching and motivating talk. Together with leaders from a wide variety of companies, we had the opportunity to discuss the challenges of gender equality in the business sphere and expand the alliances of the social network of volunteers trained to save lives in an emergency offered by Helpers.

Talk on fire prevention

Talk on fire prevention - March 2022

With the coordination of Agent Tania Leonida Natali de Souza Rojas of the Progreso 19 sectional police detachment, we had the opportunity to receive in our establishment for a talk on fire emergency prevention the Assistant Officer of the Las Piedras fire department, Pedro Moreira de Leon. In addition, we have the presence of the illustrious Commissioner of the Progreso Sectional Police Detachment 19, David Bayarres Garcia.

In this instance, we had the chance to listen and learn important guidelines on these emergencies and the best prevention and action techniques.

Taller IV producciones intensivas CRS lechería

Project closure with students from the University of the Republic, Faculty of Agronomy (CRS)

Project closure with students from the University of the Republic, Faculty of Agronomy (CRS)

From August to December 2021 we welcome the students of 4th and 5th year, of the technological cycle of the undergraduate degree of the Faculty of Agronomy, based in the Faculty of the South Regional Center for different instances of activities that culminated in a report end of course presented to those in charge of our establishment.

The work consisted of the planning and organization carried out in the classroom with the support of the teachers and with the visits. And the report presented two proposals for the establishment to implement new activities for the purpose of economic expansion.

Seminar on "Modern Intellectual Property issues"

Face-to-face seminar on "Modern Intellectual Property issues"

We were honored to have been invited by Cervieri Monsuárez office to participate in Module 1, part 3, on Sustainability. We shared our initiatives and our view on the subject.
We have the participation of our VP, David Dickinson, who shared his impressions on the subject and the presence of Sabina Gleicher, the manager of the farm.

You can see David Dickinson’s participation following this link.

Bachillerato agrario de la UTU

Visit of students from the agrarian baccalaureate of UTU

We received the visit of 18 students from the agrarian baccalaureate of UTU

We received the visit of 18 students from the agrarian baccalaureate of UTU – Dirección General de Educación Técnico – Profesional Superior School of Viticulture ¨Presidente Tomás Berreta¨ with whom in the second level they learn about dairy farming. Together with their Professors, Alejandro Quintero and Nefi Echevarria, they had a milking and guachera day at our facilities and with our people.

Participation in the 7th National Festival of Empanada y el Vino, in Progreso.

Participation in the 7th National Festival of Empanada y el Vino, in Progreso.

One of the local Aparcerías, “Los de Andar”, has decided to honor our dairy farm at the event. Fact that makes us very proud.


MGAP visit

MGAP visit

Engineer Maria Elena Vidal and veterinarian Rafael Rondeau, from the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP) of Uruguay, came to know our facilities as a result of their interest in our organic practices.